Mistress Eve

About me

Welcome to My world of female dominance, slave-to-be!

Allow yourself to be dominated by a Mistress with grace, patience and intelligence. One who respects your limits and is devoted to your safety. I want to be served and honored by someone with real submissive feelings who dream of being dominated by a Mistress, regardless of his or her level of experience.

Are you a beginner? No problem. I will guide and teach you how to properly serve your Mistress as a Goddess. You will also have to make an effort to perform tasks that I have imposed and to report to Me about it. You will find that submitting yourself voluntarily to a Mistress is something completely different from what the media paints it to be or what you see in “FemdomPorn” made by men for men.

The world of BDSM has many variants, but it is essential that everything happens with the consent of those who voluntarily submit themselves and that the Dominant respects the agreed boundaries. Creating such a BDSM world also allows Me to teach and connect My submissive admirers, even if they are miles away from where I am.

I welcome submissive men, women and couples to My world of “Female Domination”.

Speak to you soon,

Eve (your upcoming Mistress)

Beauty with Brains

I am a lady in her mid 30’s with Mediterranean roots and an associated temperament!

My Dominant nature may not be striking at first sight as I am rather short, but don’t let that fool you! I know what I want and you will experience that for yourself as a slave when you submit yourself to Me with your body & soul. My dominating sweet smile and the penetrating gaze from My beautiful eyes will make you realize that I am your Mistress and that you will have to admire and worship me as a Goddess as well as execute My orders without protesting.

You will be reduced to a “willingness object” that is My property and I will be your Goddess.

Indeed your Goddess with a slender, very feminine body, with the right proportions that will make your heart run wild and that you shall admire and worship as you will be Her totally subjected property. And you will carry out her orders and demands without protesting.

My divine body, however, will remain unreachable for you because I will not lower Me to any sexual contact with My property.

Make no mistake about Me when it comes to intelligence. I am highly educated and able to read your thoughts with My penetrating gaze and I will demand from you total and unconditional submission where only the hard limits determined by Me will apply.

Furthermore, My interest in travelling has helped me to grow and gather immense experience. I have visited tons of countries and locations all over the world where I learned cultures, understood preferences and increased My tastes. I can deliver pleasure that comes with passion, ecstacy that comes with experience, and dominance that comes with power. It is with this confidence that I consider Myself, beauty, with brains.

My ideal play-thing

My ideal play thing channels their intelligence and obedience through service. He / she does not have to enjoy all kinds of kinks or be a masochist. Every individual is special.

The most important thing is to have an honest and meaningful conversation with Me. Communication in a Dominant / submissive (D / s) dynamic is, after all, crucial. I accept beginners if you are willing to learn the right way to worship a Goddess - From your speech, your eye contact with Me to your behavior. Seasoned players, let’s play at a different level. Will you be able to complete the given task in a predicament? I expect that your way of doing things is correct!

Every appointment is unique

Psychological aspects are just as important as physical dominance. Do not be afraid to share your deepest and darkest desires with Me. I will not judge you. Trust me, but be aware that I will tease your desires for My pleasure. Gentle, sensual domination when you behave as it should and ruthless when your behavior needs to be corrected. Your first encounter with Me will touch My core interests, if it also fits your kinks. After all, rewards must be earned!

Discretion, safety and hygiene

I play according to the BDSM rule of Safe, Sane and Consensual + Risk Aware Consensual Kink. There are no traces on you unless you allow it. Always remember that I take no as an answer. Respect and trust go both ways. Strictly hard limits which are not negotiable! * Play with diapers for adults * Permanent marks or mutilations * Minor (-18) * Animals * Rimming * Roman / brown showers * Playing with blood / knives / needles

The following rules also apply:

  • As your Mistress, I don’t go naked during a session, but of course that doesn’t apply to you. You go completely naked if I demand that of you.
  • No sex (vaginal, oral or anal) with your Mistress
  • Smoking and / or drugs are not possible
  • Something illegal is of course also not possible

Are you ready to serve Me?

Are your interests consistent with Mine? Or does it inspire you to serve Me because of how I live My life? If you believe we have potential chemistry, I look forward to your service.